3103, 2021

Compact RGB Laser Module for AR Smart Glasses

2021-03-31|Categories: Presentations|0 Comments

AR Smart Glasses need to be comparable to normal glasses in respect of size, weight and esthetics. By using Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) the optical engine i.e. the image projector can be miniaturized down to sizes of 1cc only, allowing smart integration into the glasses temples. In contrast to 2D microdisplays like LCoS, DLP or [...]

3103, 2021

MEMS ScanARTM: ST LBS Solutions Enabling Ultracompact “Light” Engines For AR

2021-03-31|Categories: Presentations|0 Comments

ST is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sales of LBS solutions for Near-to-Eye displays, LiDAR and 3D scanning ToF applications. This presentation will be a deep dive in the key technologies at the core of LBS, enabling high performances, lightweight, small form-factor and low power consumption display projectors for all-day-wearable AR glasses [...]

2703, 2021

Laser Beam Scanning (LBS): The Ideal Solution for AR Wearable Applications

2021-03-27|Categories: Presentations|0 Comments

One of the key challenges for augmented reality is the development of ultra-compact, lightweight, low-power near-to-eye display solutions with good image quality. Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technologies can meet these key requirements and deliver form-factors that enable light weight, fashionable, all-day wearable AR smart glasses with the ability to scale resolution and field-of-view (FoV) with [...]

311, 2020

EPIC Virtual Company Tour at OQmented

2020-11-03|Categories: Presentations|0 Comments

EPIC is exploring additional ways to give more visibility to our members especially when conferences and exhibitions are being canceled/postponed. We are inviting you to a live virtual company tour at OQmented guiding you through the facility and to a sneak peek of their technologies. You can join the event by registering below. OQmented is a [...]

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