There are various membership levels in the LaSAR alliance to provide flexibility for its members, depending their strategies and resources. LaSAR alliance is welcoming ecosystem companies to exchange and share the information, collaborate and partner to create, build and grow effective and compelling LBS (Laser Beam Scanning) based solutions. The alliance members work with core and supporting technologies to foster and encourage the development and promotion of technologies, components, devices, techniques and solutions.

5 Founding Board Members (Perpetual)

  • Guaranteed Board Seat

  • Board Voting Rights

  • Committee Creation

  • Committee Chairs

Regular Members

  • Ability to be Elected to the Board

  • Voting Rights

  • Committee Chairs

  • Ability to Submit New Projects for Recommendation

  • Propose and/or Contribute Articles or other Content

  • Eligible to sit on the board (rotational, limited (see bylaws), by vote)

Associate Member

  • Committee Participation

  • Contribute Articles

University/Non-profit Research Institutions/Government Member

  • Ability to Participate on a Committee

  • Access to Members-Only Material

  • Webinar Attendance

  • Event Discounts

  • Contribute Articles or Other Content

  • Committee Participation