The Photon Studio Podcast LogoVirtual and augmented reality – who never heard about that? Nowadays, news about the latest developments in this industry comes almost every day.

If you look at the developments in the gaming industry, you will see that VR and Mixed Reality are now an integral part of the game offer, and also for some of them a technological basis, there are games that can only be played as VR.

Because of the upcoming Photonics West exhibition, The world’s premier lasers, biomedical optics, and optoelectronics event, I have invited again this time my colleague Karl Leahy, Director Product Marketing for Augmented and Virtual Reality Application at ams OSRAM in Sunnyvale USA, as well as Thomas von Watoch co-founder and co-CEO of OQmented, a startup and spin-off of Fraunhofer Institute developing MEMS and laser scanning technologies, to talk about the developments, technological challenges and status quo in the AR industry.

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