The Photon Studio Podcast LogoYou ride your bike to work. Before you get on your bike, you put on your gloves, your helmet, and a pair of glasses that look like regular glasses – sporty and cool – but can do much more than protect you from the wind and sun. The glasses project a variety of information onto the inside surface of the lenses, such as the route for your commute, the subject and first lines of your mailbox, or the weather forecast for the next few days.

When you arrive at the office, you see the reminder that your meeting is about to start in 15 minutes and you see the agenda for your meeting. To some, it may sound like science fiction movies, with all the cool gadgets we’ve seen in the movies. For my guest today in the Photonstudio, it’s something that will hit the mass market in 2-3 years and may soon replace the smartphone as our number one gadget.

My guest today is Karl Leahy, Director Product Marketing for Augmented and Virtual Reality Application at ams OSRAM in Sunnyvale in the US and we talk about AR glasses, ams OSRAMs role in the LASAR Alliance, development challenges, and mass-market viability as well as the upcoming AWE Expo in Santa Clara in California. Karl, I’m so glad you took the time to join us virtually over several thousand miles! Welcome!

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