The Photon Studio Podcast LogoSensing, illumination and visualization – how will sensing and lighting technology change the way you experience automotive mobility? Tomorrow’s automotive interior and exterior will be fundamentally different in shape and functionality, as end customers demand greater convenience, safety, and individualization.

Just think of new control systems, like gesture control for seamless human-machine interaction. Innovative smart interior lighting will support onboard wellbeing with a customizable ambient experience. Bigger and better displays enabling new forms of in-car entertainment. Innovative sensors for driver- and in-cabin monitoring will improve safety by providing data on the vehicle’s occupants to its safety systems. Sounds like science fiction?

To talk about exactly that, I invited two guests to the Photon Studio today – Dr. Gerald Broneske, Senior Director Global Automotive Marketing at ams OSRAM and Frank Rinderknecht Founder and CEO of Rinspeed AG.

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