The Content and Marketing Committees are the hearth of the LaSAR alliance to collaborate, share information, and promote the alliance and the ecosystem. Both committees are open for all members, and the members are invited to contribute the content creation on all membership levels.

Content Committee

Define and manage the creation of various content to enrich the LaSAR Alliance through soliciting and/or guiding the creation of white papers, position papers, webinars, podcasts etc. In addition, guide the build out of the website content. Create and pitch proposal to the board for approval and once approved execute to the plan.
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Marketing Committee

Role of the marketing committee is to market the LaSAR Alliance, outreach to other companies, organizations and institutions, explore collaboration and/or joint promotion with similar organizations, create marketing calendar of events for potential participation (e.g. trade shows, conferences etc.). Create and pitch proposal (including costs, resources, schedule etc.) for Board approval. Once approved, execute plan.
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