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9 02, 2022

Episode #4 – Lasers, MEMS and mirrors. AR special episode for Photonics West 2022


Virtual and augmented reality – who never heard about that? Nowadays, news about the latest developments in this industry comes almost every day. If you look at the developments in the gaming industry, you will see that VR and Mixed Reality are now an integral part of the game offer, and also for some of [...]

10 12, 2021

Episode #3 – Beam Your World. A special episode for AWE 2021


You ride your bike to work. Before you get on your bike, you put on your gloves, your helmet, and a pair of glasses that look like regular glasses - sporty and cool - but can do much more than protect you from the wind and sun. The glasses project a variety of information onto [...]

25 11, 2021

Episode #2 – LaSAR Alliance and the Augmented Reality World


Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality - these all sounded like science fiction and dreams of the future just a few years ago. Now, in 2021, we are already seeing a great many examples of how these important technologies are shaping our lives and, above all, our everyday working lives: be it now as a [...]

13 09, 2021

Episode #1 – The Future Of Mobility. Experience ams OSRAM automotive solutions at IAA in Munich.


Sensing, illumination and visualization – how will sensing and lighting technology change the way you experience automotive mobility? Tomorrow’s automotive interior and exterior will be fundamentally different in shape and functionality, as end customers demand greater convenience, safety, and individualization. Just think of new control systems, like gesture control for seamless human-machine interaction. Innovative smart [...]

5 05, 2021

Is It AR’s Time to Shine?


Augmented Reality (AR) glasses are still waiting for mass-market adoption—although it seems that the demand for such technology continues to grow. But AR is challenging and requires extraordinary technology, because it must overlay the real world. Could an improved light source help solve the complex issues to pave the way for a consumer-driven augmented-reality revolution? We [...]

30 04, 2021

A Typical Day with Next Generation AR Glasses


The design of the next generation of Smart Glasses beings Augmented Reality into our every day lives. Laser Beam Scanning is the key to small form factor & high efficiency. Check out the video to see some examples of a typical day with the next generation AR Smart Glasses. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors ensures the light [...]

31 03, 2021

Compact RGB Laser Module for AR Smart Glasses


AR Smart Glasses need to be comparable to normal glasses in respect of size, weight and esthetics. By using Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) the optical engine i.e. the image projector can be miniaturized down to sizes of 1cc only, allowing smart integration into the glasses temples. In contrast to 2D microdisplays like LCoS, DLP or [...]

31 03, 2021

MEMS ScanARTM: ST LBS Solutions Enabling Ultracompact “Light” Engines For AR


ST is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sales of LBS solutions for Near-to-Eye displays, LiDAR and 3D scanning ToF applications. This presentation will be a deep dive in the key technologies at the core of LBS, enabling high performances, lightweight, small form-factor and low power consumption display projectors for all-day-wearable AR glasses [...]

27 03, 2021

Laser Beam Scanning (LBS): The Ideal Solution for AR Wearable Applications


One of the key challenges for augmented reality is the development of ultra-compact, lightweight, low-power near-to-eye display solutions with good image quality. Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technologies can meet these key requirements and deliver form-factors that enable light weight, fashionable, all-day wearable AR smart glasses with the ability to scale resolution and field-of-view (FoV) with [...]

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